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Knickers to Rollercoaster

Sashayin' through the Sarcasm

Glitter in your Gruel
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Your Easily-Digestible Guide

  • Name: Syd or SydOctopus, Fuchsia, or Elinor. None of these are real.
  • Announcements: Come to my PublicInformationFilm Festival!
  • Age: 1982 vintage.
  • Likes: See Interests. Jam with yours? Good.
  • Dislikes: Newspapers; lack of thought; Elvis; taking things at face value; London; interference; mediocrity; loose hairs; overpricing; idiocy which is accepted because it is 'common sense' or 'everyone does it'.
  • Height: 5'2", actually! I remeasured. Even less big than I thought.
  • Hair/eyes: both around #663333 naturally.
  • Linguistic Skillz: Almost 4 alphabets, Molesworth-speke, and guinea pig.
  • Birthwomble: Tobermory
  • Religion: No specifics. Somewhat pagan with a vague animist bent. Follower of Charles Fort (look him up), Bayesian approach to life, etc. I am opposed to anti-science ideas.
  • Special Moves: Ambiwlans, The People's Chop, The Dancing Bear.
  • Will I bite? Only until you let go.
  • Location: Shire of Warwick (Bear & Old Stick), not far from the exact centre of England (which is not Meriden, incidentally). Shakespeare comes from here but I haven't met him. So does George Elliot. Also Mary Whitehouse, but she doesn't have a statue.
  • Sense of humour: Prefixed by any of the following: black, gallows, anti, toilet, grotesque, Goonish, inappropriate, daft, British.
  • Life History: No longer a student. Once went mad, but got mostly better. Content with self-employment.

I live with my boyfriend of ages and my stick-horse and demanding guinea-pigs. I have a small garden, 5 sewing machines, a large kimono collection, an even larger collection of other odd clothes, and a multi-sensory case of synaesthesia.
Technically I has the mentals, which can affect my behaviour in ways you may not like. Best not to take that chance if you're unsure. I will tend to limit contact with people I don't feel can cope with my intermittent instability. But I am no longer taking Effexor, hurrah!

I work-from-home (and yes it does count as work) with my clothing design ranges- StockingShock (the fashion which is known as Gothic&Lolita) and Peacockalorum (non-specific odd, fancy, gothish, and corsetry). Sometimes have to fit this around a mad-shaped hole, but have help from skilled handlers.
I am a professional seamstress/designer/corsetiere/clothesworkhorse, with a sideline in jewellery/accessories/illustration/webdesign. Thank goodness for the '/' key. I also do my own moddling and photomography because a) my clothes all fit me, and I can't afford to hire outsiders. My work is quite fun, so I often end up doing it in my spare time, but when I'm not working I read and write and knit, draw, make objects, sing/dance/perform/improvise comedically, play marbles, research Forteana and contemporary folklore, and read&read&read more.

There, that's what I look like if you were wondering. And I am probably wearing something similar- or similarly daft- at'moment (that or a dressing-gown, but there will be no pictures of that).
Please see my Facebook if you really want more pictorial idiocy.

Aesthetics is hard
I try to live life as an 'Aesthete' of some kind. Am I a Working-Class Aesthete? I am cheap and lowclass in the best possible sense and, as a 'skilled manual labourer' I would rather not be exploited. Being part of the lower orders should not mean you live in mediocrity. Perhaps the reason we have had few world-class working-class eccentrics is that they were all too damn busy in mines or losing fingers in looms.
Maybe one day I'll ditch all this yooffful ideeelism and become a doctor specialising in Diseases of the Rich.

Some idea
I don't like people very much, en masse. Individuals are fine. You can do/say what you like- *even* if I do not agree with it- providing it does not impinge. If it does, then perhaps we can reach a compromise. If not- spankings and an early bedtime, but I will still 'defend to the death your right to be a complete nong' to express it.

Anime'n'manga is just another form of entertainment (albeit with more costuming possiblities), please treat it as such. Cosplay is fun. Bad horror films (Clown at Midnight!) is fun; good horror films likewise. Sexual peculiarities are fun. Computers are fun and very useful to me but I am afraid I don't game, sorry.
Music? Don't. Ask. I probably have at least one preferred band in common with anyone reading.

I do use this lj for personal stuff so best not to talk to me if you 'always choose vanilla'.
1920s, 2 tone, alice in wonderland, anime, babydoll dresses, being a gurl, belle epoque, bindweed, boots, britain, british working class, broken dolls, cabaret, cats, causes of death, clockwork orange trees, computer stuff, controlling means of production, cora pearl, corsetry, cosplay, courtesans, crochet, decadence, deconstructed fashion, degenerate art, depression, drawing, dressing up, eastern europe, english language, exploring, fin de siecle, forteana, framley, frilly undies, fripperies, fuchsia, fuzzy felt, geeks, gender equality, george grosz, german expressionism, glam, gormenghast, gothic, gothic lolita, green, green carnations, guinea pigs, guipure, gurls with glasses, gypsum fantastic, hair ornaments, headdresses, horrid fairy stories, hyphephilia, idle plotting, illustration, improvisational comedy, ivy, kanzashi, kimono, knickerbockers, knitting, kodona, lace, learning about things, lettuce hems, lies, linguistics, living with insanity, local papers, lolita, low life lullabies, make-up, manga, max beckmann, mechanical toys, mental illness, meret oppenheim, mesh, mike wilks, mockery, mockery of cov, molesworth, mst3k, narnia, non-ridiculous socialism, non-sequiteurs, obscure internet subhumour, odilon redon, old forgotten things, os-tan, pantaloons, parody, pattern drafting, peafowl, pie, pointy boots, poisons, rahat lokum, raqs sharqi, red shoes, regional dialects, rescuing spiders, ribbons, rococo, ruffles, saggy old cloth cats, sarcasm, satire, sci-fi, self-employment, sewing, ska, slavic languages, slip dresses, smocking, social theory, steam locomotives, stockings, storytelling, street fashion, sugary punk, surrealism, sweet lolita, synaesthesia, taffeta, tatters, telling fibs, the blues, the midlands, the welfare state, the word 'knickers', thrashed-up vintage, toile de jouy, tom lehrer, trevor brown, trouble windows, tuffets, underwear, unnerving the public, velvet, venise lace, web design, welsh, working class rage, world war ii posters